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Welcome to www.PetTurtle.com, a website covering the basics of pet turtle selection and care.  

This website is a work in progress, and we will be adding more photos of turtles in the months to come.  In the meantime, we have created sections containing some of the things every prospective turtle owner should know.  Articles on care, feeding, breeding, rescue, and documentation are all provided, and we have also included a discussion board so that you can share information with other turtle aficionados.


Turtles can make great pets if they are cared for properly, and we hope this website can help you decide whether or not a turtle is the right pet for you.  Too many people buy turtles for the novelty effect, and end up neglecting them.  This is very sad because turtles are sophisticated creatures who have a potentially long lifespan, and could be in a family for generations.

While we are aware there are many different types of turtles which can be kept as pets, we have chose to feature the most commonly kept, easiest to care for species.  We hope you enjoy our website, and hope you'll be back to check for updates.



Hi, I'm Jack, Welcome to PetTurtle.com!



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